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aRROW Electrically Operated Opening Glass Roof   aRROW Thermally Broken Aluminium  aRROW 24mm Document L Compliant Glazing

There is both practical and religious demand for the facility to open a roof to the sky when required -
Our range of opening roofs, rooflights & skylights will meet these requirements. With a choice of manual, pulley or powered operation (power operation incorporates an alternative manual opening mechanism for the Succot use during religious observance).

 REF  DGB / 134

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 REF  DGB / 134
Opening Roofs : Electrically Operated Retractable Rooflight

Opening Glazed Roofs

Electrically or manually operated opening roof systems.
Using the traditional design format, incorporating roof rafters, the innovative component design of the "Perspective" Glazed Roof System, provides for the roof to be opened for ventilation or to let in the sunlight whenever required.

With Slide open, retractable, bi-parting, lift-top & semi-retracting designs available.

Slide Open Roof Access Rooflight    Slide Open Roof Access Rooflight    Slide Open Roof Access Rooflight

 Why Choose Us?

Our combination of innovative products and components, experienced design staff and dedicated engineering facilities adds new exciting dimensions for both traditional and contemporary design to be achieved to the highest levels of finish and quality.
Various bespoke formats are available to suit your specific Opening Roof requirements.

Our interested and experienced staff will be pleased to help ensure that the opening glazed roof, roof light, sky lightsupplied is exactly what you require AND suitable for your requirements!

Manufactured skillfully & carefully in our own workshops based in Sussex, UK.

  Specialist manufacturers & installers of folding doors, fixed and opening rooflights, skylights, succah/religious festival roofs, roof access solutions, glazed roofs and bespoke glazed applications for both residential and commercial applications for in excess of 15 years!

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RSS Please visit our RRS Feed for all the latest news and site updates!

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